Mustard Chicken

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I know it doesn't sound all the delicious... but it is.

I got a 10 pound bag of Chicken Thighs and Legs for .48 cents a pound the other day. I get real bored just breading them and baking them though, so last night I decided to try something different.

I squeezed about a fourth of a cup of dijion mustard, another fourth of a cup of white wine, and two tablespoons or so of olive oil into a bowl. Then I added dill, garlic and pepper and mixed it up. It stays well homogenized because of the mustard. I salted the chicken, and dipped it in.

I baked the chicken at 450 for an hour. Half way through I spooned the rest of the mustard mixture over the chicken.

It was amazing. Quick, easy, and yummy!